Fiddle-de-dee! Back in the No Comfort Zone Again!

I had a blast yesterday but I had to ‘put myself out there’… Let me explain.

For the second year in a row I coordinated a Fiddle Fest. I hired judges, created the flyers,designed and ordered trophies, hired an emcee, bought the snacks, trained volunteers, greeted the public, answered questions, took photos, tallied score sheets, and (best of all) handed out trophies.

I have a list of suggestions about how we can make it better for next year. Comments from volunteers, participants, judges and the public have all been recorded.

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The “No Comfort Zone” aspect of this was – pretty much everything. It’s like throwing a party and nobody comes. But HAJUALLIA… people came.  Fiddlers, families, judges, reporters, and the public came. They smiled and clapped and threw support my way as well.

I stood in awe and watched as 4 and 5-year-old children stood on the stage and performed. They were in their ‘zone’ whereas I don’t play a fiddle or any instrument. It was humbling to watch.

I think we all put ourselves in situations where we say “YES” and then wonder “what was I thinking?” and yet, this is year two so that can’t be my excuse.

I had fun, I was in constant motion, I was happy to be part of it and when the day was over … the adrenaline was used up. Off for a delightful dinner where I could let the shoulders down and enjoy some good food and engaging conversation!

What next you wonder? Ha! You’ll have to wait and see…

Click and listen to these amazing fiddlers … 

Weld County Fiddler Fest Fiddlers:  Cody Stadelmaier & Trish Osthoff  play Swedish Rhaposody

Swedish Rhaposody – Fiddle Tune A Day – Day 188 (