No Comfort Zone-2012

No comfort zone tag


Some of you took it publicly and some took it quietly and found ways to stretch, grow and move in new and exciting directions. I hope you had a wonderful year.

By doing this challenge I met so many amazing people. Please stay in touch!

Take the Challenge!

  • Once a week from in 2012 plan to do something out of the ordinary and blog about it each week. If you are not a blogger, leave a comment on my page so we can follow your adventures!
  • These things don’t have to be earth shattering but they have to be different from your ordinary course of action.

Whether you decide to take a different route home, listen to country music instead of rock and roll,  read a book by a new author, drink a new type of wine or work on a crossword puzzle, visit a new website, increases your daily steps, try a different workout routine, listen to new singer, try a new food, attend a poetry reading or WHATEVER …. do it and share it on your blog!

Some things you choose to do may be dramatic; most things will be changing the way you usually do things like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand or listening to a different radio station as you drive.

If you decide to join, include this No Comfort Zone image on your website and invite others to join as well. Then let leave a comment below so we can visit each other.

NOTE: Feel free to begin now, to do more than one NoCZ–2012 item, to suggest ideas for the rest of us, to laugh out loud when you’re in the process of being un-ordinary.   If this isn’t fun,you need to drop out. If it is fun, share it with others. Most of all, tell me!

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126 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone-2012

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    • Yippee! I created a new page and added it to my blog. I forsee posts on both pages. I look forward to see what others include in this challenge!

  2. okay, I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and join this! Will figure out how to share the image on my blog when less tired! this is a great idea. I’m uncomfortable about it but that’s the whole gist of it, isn’t it? Won’t it be fun to see what we all get up to during this.

    • Whoo Hoo and Yippee! This is a creative way to stretch ourselves – our brains, bodies, thoughts and find a way to share them with others. I’m thinking, thinking, thinking about creative things to add to my world!

    • I vaguely remember it and yes, I’m sure George scored big time. I’m thinking of reading a sci-fi book, listening to an opera, using my left hand instead of my right hand all day (good luck with that one!)… and more ideas keep coming!

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  4. LOL! Stepping out of my comfort zone- I’m game, although my posting has taken a back seat to life – which has meant stepping wa-a-a-ay out of my comfort zone. Stepping out of my comfort zone may mean doing something that many may consider quite normal… 🙂 Good idea for a challenge, and like Crowing said, the first of which will be to try to get the image up on my blog somewhere.

    • If you can’t get the image, hang tight and join in anyhow! I hope to learn from others as well. This whole year of blogging has truly taken me out of my zone and forced me to put the finger to the keyboard and type away. And now, something new!

  5. Hum? Stepping outside my comfort zone…I think I already do that? However, the trick will be documenting them or trying to do something intentional. I think I will make a list of possibilities on my blog..
    Looking forward to this!
    Ta Ta for now Cathy the Bagg Lady

    • Oh this is going to be fun and like you said many of us are already doing ‘out of the comfort zone’ things already! I’ll be sure to follow your adventures!

  6. Great idea! Crowing Crone Joss pointed me to your site, and I love, love, love this challenge. It will be fun to see how it unfolds! You can count me in 🙂

    • Wonderful and feel free to share it on your site and get your friends involved too! There will be enough energy flying to get us to the moon and back!

  7. I am definitely happy to take this challenge. While it is easy for me to write on my political blog about my opinions in that sphere, I find it difficult to share the quieter side. Still, I love the idea and will create a page for the challenge. Great idea!

    • Thanks for joining us. I think this fun challenge will give us all an excuse to do something new and inventive and maybe even WILD!

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  9. What a great idea! One year, I had a resolution to ‘do something that scared me each month.’ It was such as fun, and yes, scary resolution. Good luck achieving your challenge in 2012. Looking forward to checking in on it!

    • What a novel idea – I’d love to hear more! Did you record your actions so you could laugh about them later? Were you blogging at the time? Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • I loved your post and am checking out the links and the additional pages at the bottom! What fun we can have by creating our worlds day by day!

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    • Like you – I am ready for something new and having others join in will help me with ideas and to push me to try and do just a little bit, little bit, little bit more! Welcome and thanks for joining!

      • I am always happy to read about my friend Marge as she is such an amazing individual. Hoping for a more peaceful year and am wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!

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  14. I will give this challenge a try. It will give me the opportunity to write about new experiences and ideas.

    Thanks for sending the invite Sister. I’m glad you came out of the closet! I look forward to joining all of you.

  15. Ok so my sister Laura Arellano forward your email to me about your blog site so I thought I would try your challenge since I haven’t been out of my comfort zone in a long time. I got a new camera for Christmas so I will try and get out this week and start taking pictures and exploring how to use it without fear of what people will think of me. 🙂


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  17. I am keeping a tally of cool things that happen to me. Not exactly out of comfort zone, but I feel this simple acknowledgement will only exponentially expand the cool life I lead!

    • I agree – keep focusing on the wonder in your world and express appreciation and more will flow you you. The words “Thank You” are the most powerful ever!

    • The ideas are flowing from every direction! It’s all so much fun and the learning curve is super high! And with each challenge, the discomfort slips away!

    • Yes – it’s was something that was missing from my world and I decided to put it out there for the rest of us. Of course by doing that I get to learn, read, laugh, grow and share with others who are doing the same! Lucky me/lucky us!

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  20. okay Marge, I’m jumping out there….blogged today about a really heavy topic for me…waaaaay out of my comfort zone…thanks, this is a great idea and especially for someone who has just peeked out into the blogging world…I will follow your lead….

  21. I love the idea of the challenge, I need to step out of my comfort zone. Things become routine and boring too easily. I will be joining your challenge.
    Should we all add a specific tag to our post so we can check out what others are doing?

  22. Hi Maggie – I have the button and the words NoCZ-2012, so maybe that will help us stay connected. I also am asking everyone to send me links to their websites if they have blogs or to leave comments on their weekly challenges (in case they don’t have blogs).

    Shall I add your link to my page?

      • I’ll try to join. Right now, I’m starting by struggling to wake up 15 minutes later than my usual waking time in the morning. I think that’s already a no-comfort-zone initiative. I’ll inform you once I’ve decided. You can use as my link. Thanks!

    • Each person has their own theme – something that makes them think twice, focus, wonder, create, inspire … it will vary from week to week. Care to join? If so, send me your link and I’ll add you to my page for others to follow along. No blog – send me updates in the comment box and we’ll cheer you on!

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        • Ha Ha! It’s funny what we find in our world to take us out of our comfort zones! IN the past, I know my usual reply would be “OHHHHH, I’ll get to it later!” In fact, when I was faced with replacing the guts in the toilet tank I was all set to drop it but with the assistance from my friend and her gentle nudging – it got done!

          I’ll add your link to my page! Welcome aboard!

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  26. I’m taking the challenge, but I’m not sure how I can fit it into any of my blogs.

    I suppose I could do an article on stepping out of my comfort zone in my Odds and End Thoughts blog ( ), but I’m not sure how I could do just a little blip of, say going a different way home from work.

    People aren’t going to want to read that on my blog. That’s too much like Myspace or Facebook, neither of which I do for precisely that reason.

    I did see someone mention creating a new page for the challenge, but I’m not sure how to add stuff to a page, although I think I can create a page okay.

    Any ideas?

    • HI Cris, Thanks for stopping by and for joining the NO Comfort Zone Weekly Challenge. If you want, you can just post your weekly adventures on the No Comfort Zone page or as you suggested make a page specifically for your NoCZ-2012 activities. Adding to a page is pretty simple. After you create it and publish it – you just return to it and edit it (then Update).

      Feel free to contact me for more information at if you want more help.


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  30. Welcome Ashley! It’s great to have you join and find reasons to get out of your comfort zone. Big things like speaking up, small things like taking a new route home are the things that keep the brain cells popping and with each new experience you’re a bit more alive and vibrant (I bet there’s a study to prove my theory!)

    I added your link to my page. Keep us updated on your escapades! ~MargeKatherine

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  44. I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and to tell you that I really am enjoying your work. I was happy to take the opportunity to pass your blog on to the people that read mine. Keep sharing!

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    • Doing one thing differently is a great way to live your life. You realize how much of a routine you are in when you start to venture out. As long as you keep it fun, then you will certainly learn something from this challenge!

      Good luck on your fitness goals as well. One of the things you can do in this challenge is to change up the way you work out. Begin with situps instead of cardio or try free weights instead of the machines. What a blast for you! MargeKatherine

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