As a part-time contractor, you want to test a new cement mixture for a project. You need 2 34 wheelbarrows of sand to make 8 wheelbarrows of concrete. How much sand will you need to make 248 cubic feet of concrete?

Accepted Solution

Answer: He would need 10.07 cubic feet of sand for wheelbarrows.Step-by-step explanation:Since we have given that Ratio of wheelbarrows of sand to wheelbarrows of concrete is given by[tex]2\dfrac{3}{4}:8\\\\=\dfrac{11}{4}:8\\\\=11:32[/tex]Volume of concrete for wheelbarrows = 248 cubic feet.Then volume of wheelbarrows of sand would be [tex](\dfrac{11}{32})^3=\dfrac{x}{248}\\\\\dfrac{1331\times 248}{32^3}=x\\\\10.07=x[/tex]Hence, he would need 10.07 cubic feet of sand for wheelbarrows.