Alan works as a customer service executive for an electronics showroom. He has come across an angry customer who is complaining about a faulty product that he purchased from the showroom a week ago. If Alan has good customer service skills, which of these steps should he take? A. tell the customer to bring a written complaint later B. ignore the customer completely C. be responsive as well as polite D. keep the customer waiting as long as possible

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer is C. Be responsive as well as polite.Step-by-step explanation:The customer is angry and possibly with zero tolerance to wait or for not receiving an immediate solution, after the purchase he did a week ago. So, the only real option to solve the issue is that Alan, as a skillful, resourceful and proactive Customer Service Executive will listen to the customer politely and come up with a solution. It's clear the customer will get even more mad if:1. He has to write a complaint and bring it later.2. He's being completely ignored by Alan. That behavior would be unacceptable.3. Keep the customer waiting endlessly. That attitude would be disrespectful and aggressive.