Life Lesson: Learning to BE

Day 47

It’s so easy to get caught up in sorrow and sadness when in reality life is about living. My lesson day after day is to stay in the present. To live in the moment. To make new friends and stay connected with old ones. To laugh and share stories and make new memories.

I’ll try to keep that one close to me. You’ll see it flash up here time and again.

Day 46

Learning, once again, how important walking is to me. Not only exercise, but a feeling of being outside under the wide open sky and feeling the air on my body as I move. You are here...

Being outdoors and near the river or walking the foothills or up mountain trails really makes my heart sing. Walking with friends is great and many conversations are shared and lessons learned. Walking alone is more about introspection and self-care.

Both are good. My body is pleased. My head is cleared. My day begins anew.


Day 45




I woke up today and learned about a mass shooting in Florida. Over 50 people are dead and many are wounded. I learned that the shooter “may have leanings toward Islamic ideologies” and terrorism is suspected. I know that because of this shooter, that the Islamic population will be targeted and suffer because of one person.

These victims, like many others were in the right place but some madman stepped in and changed their history. It happened at a movie theater, at universities and schools across the country; a MAN (yes, always a man, right?) takes a gun or several guns and decides the fate of innocents.

Terror Attack at Orlando Gay Nightclub Leaves 50 Dead, 53 Wounded

Day 44

I learned about a painter named Peter Max. Many of you already know of this painter and how his posters created in the 1960’s were a mainstay of most college dorm rooms. I missed that whole scene along with the drug and music craze. That’s what happens when you marry and begin your family at the ripe age of 20.

But now, in my 6th decade, I am learning about Max and music. I’ll save the drug education until my 7th decade.

Descending Angel - Peter MaxMax traveled extensively in his youth and learned music, languages and was exposed to many different cultures. He had support and backing from his family who watched him soar. After his intensive art education, Max fell in love with astrology and delved into the world of stars, skies and the spiritual realm.

His art was neo-expressionist which was essentially a ticket to create his unique psychedelic brand. Max incorporated his graphic art, music, travels, yoga, and his essence and the results were bold, new and colorful.

Day 43

I learned that Canada has a program to work with US citizens who want to leave the county after the election. Google recorded a 1000% spike in searches with this term – “How to move to Canada” after Trump won primaries in seven states on Super Tuesday.

“Coincidentally, Canada’s new Liberal government has just proposed a range of sweeping amendments to the Citizenship Act that will potentially make it quicker to obtain citizenship or landed residency. According to the Government of Canada’s Citizen and Immigration website, “These changes will allow people who have made the decision to immigrate to Canada to apply for and obtain citizenship sooner and more easily than is now the case.” If you can prove you pass criteria to apply under the Express Entry or Start Up Visa systems, it may take even less time—often as little as six months. You still might have to prove that you won’t be taking a job from an equally qualified Canadian, though. Once your papers are in order, here are five possible places you might want to call home.” (Karen Burshtein, Vogue)

Day 42

I was reminded/relearned how precious life is and to say the words we need to say … now. Be kind. Be interested. Ask the next question. People come into our lives for a reason. Let’s not assume we have tomorrow to express our love and friendship.

Day 41

I learned that I can go for a full week and not have to look that the tv, read a paper or listen to the radio. That being said, I am often out of the loop when it comes to air plane disasters, mass shootings, and election results. I often go to the library and line up the papers from the last few days and get caught up at once.  It’s painless, I’m still informed and I’m not controlled by what the media wants me to know.

Day 40:

I learned that some dogs love to bark and bark and bark. I learned that they get really hyped up when I bark back. I learned that if I keep it up long enough and get all the other dogs barking too then someone – somewhere – brings their dog inside.

Just saying …

Day 39:

I learned to be humble when my 7-year-old grandson beats me in cribbage – three times in a row! I learned that after several times of getting beat, I should just let him count up his own points. Even with that ‘life lesson’ from Nana, he still wins big.


Write on...

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