Dump Your Troubles

Sometimes it feels good to dump your troubles on someone else. Not dump and run, just dump and release. The things that take you down – slow moving traffic, high-priced groceries, a computer virus, a confrontation with your boss, an argument with your child – they are all temporary nuisances that eat away … bit by bit.

Being able to share them with someone you trust is a sure way to save your sanity. Some of you may have a built-in person nearby – spouse, partner, parent or child that can listen. For the rest of us, we have to pick up the phone or visit a friend.

The act of getting the words out helps to cleanse the mind of the chatter. You know how it is after you have an argument and you play and replay what was said, what you should have said, empathyhow dare that person say that …

Putting voice to the chatter helps to release it. Once released – it’s time to move on. Make dinner, take a walk, read a book and let the other stuff go.

The next day when you get home from work you might get a visit from a friend or a conversation with your spouse about what a lousy day they had. Remember, all their troubles are temporary. Don’t try to solve their problems. Just listen. Let them talk. Be a friend.


5 thoughts on “Dump Your Troubles

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