35 thoughts on “Not a Good Week: Suspended and Hacked

  1. I can fully sympathise. It happened to me over the weekend on one blog, and now it’s happened on another. I too had to email several times before the first one was reinstated, and so far 3 emails have resulted in nothing on the second blog. I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring! It’s been suggested that WP has a virus….. I’ve asked them if that’s true. I wonder if they will tell us one way or another. It isn’t fun, it’s very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, that’s the fear – all our time, energy and efforts just erased. And yet, we are using a FREE platform and this company can do whatever they choose. Read my Feb 17 post and create a backup in case you get suspended, hacked or corrupted. Thanks for your comments!

    • I think changing our passwords is key too. I heard someone suggest that we use the first letter of each word in a phrase like April showers bring may flowers = asbmf1! (Always add a number and symbol to your password.) This makes it harder for hackers to break.

  2. Omg MargeKatherine, you have been through a nightmare. I have learned that one can’t trust a machine. I make hard copy of any text I want to save and put images on a disc. Hope you get back on an even keel soon.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  3. That is awful. I had my an email of mine hacked that i don’t even use any more and don’t even have access too but it was sending out some interesting stuff 😦 Hope you get it sorted soon.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is a really upsetting story!! How does this happen? That scares me so much, but I have put years into my blogging, and blood, sweat and tears! How DO you back up the blog? I would love to know that too!

  5. Hi Marge, I am so sorry to hear about your blog and Yahoo account being hacked. Yahoo used to be good and now I get loads of bogus emails supposedly from banks – Some of them I have never used, let alone had an account with. One bank I notified and they said they would look into it and get back to me – but nothing. Once my Twitter account was hacked five times in a row. I have two Twitter accounts and apparently sent a horrible message to myself. It was such a nightmare as the hacker link was sent in direct messages from one of my accounts to some of my followers and I felt the need to keep apologising and changing my password time and time again. Most of the time I recognise these hacker messages now. When the account of someone I follow is hacked and a direct message comes through to me, I often let them know asap.

    • Like you, when I get an email from a hacked account I always let the person know – the sad thing is the emails usually go out to ANYONE that had ever received an email from me – even if they’re dead and buried. It’s so frustrating. Thanks for your understanding and sharing!

  6. MargeKatherine, I am so sorry to hear you’ve been through this particular grist mill a couple of times. My identity was stolen in 2009, and $800+ were charged to my debit card for a vacation in Mexico. The scariest part? I was actually planning a resort visit to that city in just 5 months — the thief new me well enough to make that connection. Thank goodness my bank was on the ball!

    • Stuff like this really does put you on guard, doesn’t it? Lucky you that your bank was so aware of the danger. When I plan a vacation, I usually call my bank so they know my card will be used in another city or country. I think it’s good to communicate that info with them.

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