Laughter into My Old Age

Ahh Sunday …

Clean sheets

This image was found on

I changed the sheets on my bed this morning and my wrinkle-free bed looked lovely. As I yanked the clean pillowcases from the laundry basket I saw (to my dismay) the top sheet mingled with towels and socks.

Drats. No wonder it was so quick and easy!

Another joy bubble … causing me to laugh at myself.

I have to write these things down now so when I’m old and bored, I can reread and relive the experiences.

Of course, I’ll be laughing so hard that I’ll be a happy magnet!

Ever have days like these?


8 thoughts on “Laughter into My Old Age

  1. Lovely images, Marge. Your bed looks very inviting.
    Laughter is contagious. I chuckled as I read about the socks and towels. I just sorted some clothes to do laundry and noticed that the soles of my white socks were rust brown. Still not sure where I walked after I took off my running shoes. Oh well, hopefully after a good soaking they’ll turn white again.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

    • Wonderful to hear from you! I WISH that were my bed… it’s a photo I found on Pinterest (click on the photo and you’ll see where it came from). Now — let’s chant this together — “Be Here Now” (if only, huh?)

  2. Thanks for the smiles Marge, and your bedroom is beautiful. I have been spending quiet time today in prayer, reading inspiration, and just being quiet.
    I was just reading how important it is for us to laugh because it is healthy for our mind, body, and spirit. So I decided to turn on my computer and check in with some of my blogger friends who often make me laugh or at least smile. So here I am, and found you first thing. Thanks.

    • Hi Ann,
      This beautiful bedroom exists in my dreams!
      I found the photo on Pinterest (click the photo) and I plan to add it to my bucket list. I’m happy to know you found me first thing — and I’m certain you ended up smiling!

  3. That’s a beautiful bedroom!

    I use duvet covers, and quite often when I take them out of the washer, there are towels and socks inside them! Lately, I’ve tried to make a point of closing them before…

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