Time, ever elusive time…

It’s happened again. We manipulated our clocks and tried to sync up with Mama Nature. The mornings are lighter but the days end so much earlier. Leave the house in darkness and leave work in darkness. It happens. It’s yearly. It’s a new season.

clockTime. It comes. It goes.

What happens between ‘comes and goes’ is our life. It’s holidays, vacations, workdays, evenings. It’s the best of times and yes… the worst of times. It’s our attitude toward people, events and the world. It’s the smile we wear or the tears we shed.

Time. How are you spending yours?


6 thoughts on “Time, ever elusive time…

  1. Great post my friend. Being a night person, I realized I’ll be going to work without the sun to greet the start of my day…. I feel somewhat depressed already. Oh well, it was time to let go of Summer….

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