Just Killin’ Time Online

When I’m in town and I have time on my hands, I usually go to the library or Borders (when they were still open).

When I find myself with time on my hands and I’m in front of the computer, I visit some certain sites on a regular basis. I check email and my blog (of course) and the blogs of my friends.

I check local events via the town’s website and local newspaper. I like to learn things so I go to refdesk.com and just lose myself in all the different areas. Weather, writing, facts, news, and so much more wonderful stuff. Who needs chocolate when you have this amazing webpage?

I enjoying downloading podcasts on iTunes. There are some amazing lectures, stories, articles, reviews, comedy shows and so much more that are all free! Some are the kind you listen to once and others like the lectures at TED.com are high quality and wonderful to watch.

Lots of people lose their time on Facebook or Youtube. Sports freaks get caught up in Fantasy Football and others love to play games with strangers.

Where do you like to spend your online ‘free’ time?



10 thoughts on “Just Killin’ Time Online

    • It’s fun when you have special sites to visit and read on a regular basis. Some people are really into humor and jokes (also found on refdesk.com) and some focus totally on their hobbies. I like to learn about the world around me when I have those few precious moments to spare.

  1. Always interesting to hear how others ‘work’ 🙂
    I have routines, especially in the morning. Starting with CNN, then local news here, then email. Facebook. I wasn’t a FB fan at all, but the recent weeks I’ve spent much more time there because of a group.

    Email, I check them out briefly, reply to the ones I feel like and let the others sit in the Inbox. I’m a bit obsessive about my Inbox, always striving for it to be empty. So … eventually, I end up with a bunch of new blog posts that I read and comment on.

    I don’t know that I have a favourite site where I spend time … I just read a helluva lot of news. Local newspapers back home too, obituaries there.

    It changes all the time…

    • I think the one link I have to my home is through the obituary page. Sad isn’t it? I only am connected when there is someone departing…

      I like reading the BBC.com to read what the rest of the world is saying about us and to see what the US is ignoring while we focus on movie stars and other mindless ink.

  2. I’m all over the place sometimes. CNN, NYT for local and international news, newspapers from home, blogs — I’m always behind with my reading; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, also to catch up as I’m always behind.

  3. First port of call is the forum for my current online course. Then email. Then I blog, unless it was scheduled last night. Next I answer more emails, Hopefully the evening can be spent reading my favourite blogs.

  4. I’m on blogs, email and a bunch of social networking sites. However, I spend less time on social sites than I used to… not enough hours in the day… Plus, I have a busy life offline… 🙂

  5. I enjoy ted.com, too. The places I frequent are email, blogs (mine and others’), and the blackboard at my school site (I spend a lot of time there.) And when my head is bursting as a result of too much computer time, I grab the camera and go out to explore. 🙂 I use to spend time on facebook, but seldom go there now, although my blogs are linked to fb, twitter (I rarely go there) and linkdin. That’s about it!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a glorious day 🙂

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