Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountain

A mountain lake in Medicine Bow, WY

A mountain lake in Medicine Bow, WY

A view of the mountains is wonderful but nothing beats being in the mountains and enjoying the open sky, mountain lakes, plethora of wild flowers and the total Joy of it all!


27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountain

    • Me too. I feel like it’s me and the mountain and the rest of the world has to wait in line to get in my head! The smells, scenery, sky and serenity make it all such a sweet experience!

    • I have a suspicion that people who move to Colorado breathe in with awe every single day due to the view, weather, open sky and mountain range. Where I lived in Upstate NY, there were 60 days of sun per year!!!! In Colorado we have 300! And back east there are so many trees, you can’t see the sky! And when you can see the sky, you have to peer through the telephone and electric wires. I have an ‘outsiders’ appreciation for this wonderful place!

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