Autumn Blessings

chaz and sophie in leavresYesterday I wrote about counting my blessings. Well, today I had the most wonderful time with my grandson and sweet little next door neighbor.

It was all about leaves, dirt, Candyland, snacks, sunshine and laughter. It was about making buildings, playing with cars and moving wheelbarrows.

It was a day where I counted my blessings to be part of it. All too quickly, the days turn into years and the innocence of jumping in leaves soon fades away. But for today, the kids let me join in. Could it be any better than this?

Counting my blessings

A way to help me feel grounded and sane is to count my blessings. I believe when I acknowledge the good in my world, I am opening the door to more goodness. One thing in my Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Coloradoworld is the weather. Where I live in Colorado has been the most amazing autumn I can remember in a long time. Most years we get an early snowstorm that takes down branches and leaves and everything is bare even when the weather turns nice the following week.  This year has been glorious, colorful, warm and welcoming. No snow, no wind, no worries!

Because of this amazing weather I’ve been able to hike more. There’s something special about starting out on a cool crisp morning and finishing with the warm sun shining down on me. That smile on my face just appears – and is full of thanks for two strong legs, two happy arms and eyes to see the wide open sky. I always welcome a hike so if you’re needing a partner or want to join me, let me know!

dark cloudsAnother blessing has been writing on my blog about ways to stay sane.  I enjoy looking back over the posts for the past month and am pleased I sallied forth with my challenge. Receiving comments and input from my readers is appreciated as well as reading what they are writing.

I am blessed beyond measure and I bet you are too. Care to share?


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Political Insanity

What drives me insane these days? Political ads.

Want to know why? It’s an election year and we, the voters, don’t really matter. Our politicians who are spending millions upon millions of dollars talking about issues that don’t matter to the public. They are not talking about initiatives, changes or direction they will take if they are elected. All they do is point the finger at the other person and say “Bad Guy.”

So, I shut it off. Or mute the sound. And walk away.

It’s how I save my sanity.

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Spew Forth









Ever want to just spew about something or someone? Maybe your boss, a colleague, a child, spouse, neighbor, the driver in the car next to you, your mother-in-law?

The act of spewing is healing but you must only spew in the presence of someone who holds you dear.

Perhaps something they said set you off in a crazy way and you need to get it out of your system. You can spew to your dog, cat or goldfish. You can spew to your plants. The act of spewing is healing. It’s like writing that Dear John letter or letter of resignation and then tearing it up.

When you spew you get all the nasty out of you and onto the table. And when it’s out – you’re done.


Sanity is restored.

Food for Thought

In my world, things get out of whack when I don’t eat properly. On days when I don’t have fruits or vegetables my system is cranky. When I eat too much sugar or candy I feel sleepy. When I don’t have enough water, I get headaches.

cropped-half-moon-cookies.jpgThe thing is – these are all easy fixes and I can get back on track when I get refocus and eat better and drink more water.

With a bit of exercise and better eating I can face the mirror, myself and the world at large.

As for the meals I do eat, I try to use smaller plates as a way to keep my portions smaller. You can go to any food website and learn more about portion control, good nutrition, calorie count, fat amounts, etc. Knowing about tHoneycrisp appleshem is important. Incorporating them into your world is imperative.

If you are feeling edgy and need a dose of sanity – check your diet. Are you treating your body like a temple or like a trash can?

If you’re trash can material, turn it around NOW and thank me later!


Are we having fun yet?

Another way to stay sane is to move. Exercise. Dance. Crawl. Jump. Run. Walk.

marge hiking

Hiking in autumn weather is the best!

Finding something you love to do as a form of exercise will insure it happens more than once. Walkers find time each day to get out for their walks – and they think of it as fun, not work. That goes for anything you get excited about – cycling, tennis, cross-country skiing, swimming, dancing, figure skating, running and on and on.

One friend started swimming last year. Not only is she stronger than ever, she is part of a group of swimmers who connect 2-3 times each week. The social piece of it is just as important as the endorphins that are giving her the exercise ‘high.’

People who regularly work out do so because they plan ahead. They know what time they have to get up in order to work out before the day begins, or they pack a lunch and get out of the office and into the fresh air.

Another friend rides her bike to work and is amazed at how wonderful she’s been feeling. It takes a huge effort to get up and out an hour earlier but she is so grateful  for it. She is happy, feels fit and has time to herself on the trip. She is already coming up with alternative exercise as the days get shorter and colder.

Movement – in any way that feels fun to you is not only great for your body, it’s great for your head. It give you time away from the things that take you down. It gets the blood flowing and the brain cells popping (that’s a medical term) and the end result is how much better you feel after one session.

I joined an aerobics class at the YMCA when my son was just a toddler. That class not only became the highlight of my week, it also was a place to have conversations with other adults that included more than one word at a time (Hot, NO, airplane, milk…) the typical conversation for babies. The class, teacher and participants were my mainstay for years as we learned each other’s stories and became friends.

Exercise can be a walk around the block. It can be dancing in the living room. It can be taking the stairs to the top floor (just for the heck of it) and other little activities. Once you turn it into a game it really can be fun –  a true way to stay sane!


Sleep Away

One of my favorite times of day is when I ‘get’ to go to bed.

One of the ways I keep sane is sleeping an average of eight hours each night. I love bedtime and the ability to crawl into a warm bed in a cold room. I love the way the blankets embrace me with the knowledge we will be together for a good 8 hours. I look forward to that downtime and I feel good in the morning after a night of slumber.

However, on those days when I don’t get a solid 8 hours due to travel, illness, worry, late night partying (who knew I was such a party animal?) or other events it takes its toll on me. My energy is low, my mood is sour and I forget things.

3 children sleeping

Nap time for everyone!

If that happens for more than one night, I get headaches and my body feels droopy and I feel sad. And I have a “woe is me” sort of attitude about everything.  Feeling like that and having to go to work was always a nightmare. I had to pretend I was sane, remember my assignments and function normally. Good luck with that.

Getting back on track might take a few nights but once there – in the cold, dark room, in a warm bed, I do what it takes to get back to those precious eight hours of sleep.


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