elk in rocky mountain national park, colorado

Day 4 – All that glitters IS gold…

HaHa! Lucky Me!!!

I’ve had the good fortune to see the autumn leaves many times this year. Several times in September I visited Grand Lake, CO which is located on the western side of the Rocky Mountains. To get there, I have to drive over Trail Ridge Rd. It’s the highest paved road in the U.S.SAM_0202

There are times the road is so high and the drop off is so steep I have to cover one side of my face as a blinder. It’s a two lane road with no guard rails and often has cyclists, tourists stopping their cars to take photos of wildlife, large recreational vehicles moving ever so slow and crazy weather conditions.

elk in rocky mountain national park, coloradoBut … on those rare days when I am on the road super early in the morning, I can sail along and enjoy the sights, drive at a comfortable pace, cover my face when it feels too steep and bask in this lovely park. One foggy morning I was driving and caught sight of these elk hard at work with their antlers tangled in each other. What a sight!

aspen gold2 - Big South Hike
The Big South trail, Colorado
View from Colorado Highway 14

A bit later in September, I had the opportunity to take a hike up the Cache La Poudre River. My friend and I were a bit surprised to get to the trail head and see the temperature had dipped to 39 degrees. We dressed in layers, grabbed our hiking poles and set off on an amazing trail that climbed ever so gently as it followed the river. That hike was filled with views of the shimmering gold aspen trees near and far. It was stunning.

My most recent trip took place in the Sierra Nevada’s this weekend. The 8 mile hike was uphill and steep in places. It was the kind of hike that your body could go far but you had to stop and let your heart slow down a bit. Aspens lined the trail and in many places the ground was covered with pine needles. I felt like I was walking in someone’s calendar photo. The return hike took 90 minutes because gravity just took over and we sailed down the mountain!

sierra nevada hike1 oct 3-2015

Sometimes I’m unable to enjoy the fall foliage. Either the weather changes too quickly and the leaves fall off before they can give their ‘goodbye dance’ or my timing is off and I don’t get into the mountains to see them in time.

But not this year. This has been one of the best autumns for me in a long time. I’ve stood in the mist of the colors, smelled the leaves on warm days and felt the cool air on my face. Each time I find myself standing in a grove of glittering gold trees, I count my blessings.

Day 3 -Walking Carson City, NV

Walking in Carson City during the lunch hour is a fun place to be. Since Carson City is the capital of Nevada, I was surrounded by history and government. Everywhere I looked I saw signage about the Pony Express and the men who rode the trail year after year to connect the east and west via mail. Those letters contained marriage proposals, business documents, deeds, and the hopes and dreams of the early pioneers. Their role made some miserable lives a bit more meaningful. My thanks to them and their endeavors.

On the main drag in Carson City, NV, the majestic administration buildings and dome capital building shined in the afternoon sun. These glorious building were hemmed in by old and tired looking gambling casinos, run down businesses and some new and hoppy pubs and breweries.

SAM_0397 (2)The second half of my walk took place at the Steward Indian School. This amazing compound located on 240 acres in S. Carson City opened 1890 until 1980. It’s mission was to “train and education Indian children with the ultimate goal of assimilation.” This lofty goal of the US Government was part of the mindset back then. To rein in and tame the Indian spirit and teach them the ‘white man’s ways.’ As if the white man’s ways were the one and only way to do things. I hope the Indians benefited in some way from this school and that they were able to make a living in the ever changing white world.

As the number of school children grew, those trained in stone masonry constructed over 60 native stone buildings. I hope it was all part of the learning phase and the Indian masons were compensated for their efforts.SAM_0377 (2)

Although most of those buildings are boarded up, a handful are open and operating by the state of Nevada for training, classes and agency offices. These buildings are amazing – the stonework takes your breath away. They are solid-looking and so attractive. Be sure to look at my photos below. The Steward Indian School is SAM_0398 (2)listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places. My guess is that most people in Carson City have no idea the place is there. It is full of history and beauty and boarded by the Sierra Nevada mountains.


SAM_0380 (2)

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Carson City walk - write 31 days challenge

Moisture and Movement: a good combo

Write 31 Days Challenge — Day 2

Write 31/Walk in Carson City

Some of my readers live in places where the air is full of moisture, clouds, grey skies and rain. I live in a climate that is sunny about 300 days per year. I can see miles and miles of blue sky. I can have a hot summer day but have a blanket on me during the cool summer nights. I love Colorado and enjoy the variation in weather.

I really enjoy rain. I’m from a city in upstate New York that enjoys 60 days of sun per year. The rest of the time, they get clouds, rain, snow, fog, clouds and more clouds. I miss the moisture in the air. So, when it’s a dreary or wet day, I want to be out in it.

On my walk in Carson City, I see mountains in 3 directions. It’s dreary and cloudy here (which I LOVE) and my walk consisted of paved roads and dirt roads, businesses and rural neighborhoods. This is a pretty place to visit and just 20 minutes away is Lake Tahoe and California.

I’m torn between going out for yet another walk or reading my book. And since I’m making a cup of tea, I’d better go and find that book!

Enjoy the photos!

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A Month of Movement!

Write 31 Days…

You bet I can!

I marge saying yes1got lucky! I learned about this 31 Day Challenge after agreeing to partner up with my sister-friend so we could hold each other accountable for taking good care of our bodies.  My goal during the month of October 2015 is to walk 4 miles daily or move (ride my bike, dance, leap tall buildings, run stairs, hulu hoop, jump rope) at least an hour every day. The hour has to be intense movement – no strolling or lollygagging. Nope.

Intense. Fierce. Rewarding. Energizing. Powerful.

I’ll write about my daily endeavors so you can join in with your own activities.



Day 1 is going to be a delightful walk in the capital of Nevada, Carson City. The city is surrounded by mountains on 3 sides. It’s pretty dry here and today there’s a dark sky with the hope and promise of rain. In fact, with my little eye, I spy raindrops. Perfect for high energy 4 mile walk to begin this wonderful challenge!

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Sometimes Facebook Makes Me Crazy

I don’t spend much time on Facebook like I did. I go there every few weeks and look at new family photos and then exit the program. There was a time I posted photos and made comments and ‘Liked’ but not anymore.

First off, it took me a bit of time to understand but after I read the posts from family and friends I got sad. Their lives were so full, so rich, so purposeful. They had anniversary photos, new jobs, they had ‘relationship status’ updates from “single” to “in a relationship” and then “married.” Their kids were top-achievers, getting into great colleges, finding employment and getting married. The married children were in contact with their parents, took photos with their children and life was rosy and sweet.

Their holidays were joyful and the only thing missing was Norman Rockwell. Photos of their vacations could have been ripped from travel guides. The more I read, the sadder I became. It’s not that I was envious of my Facebook family, it’s more like I was left behind in the gray room with all the gray colors and gray food. My life — which is pretty full and fantastic, felt sort of …lacking.

It took a bit of detective work  but the pieces fell together and the truth unfolded. There were fights, bankruptcies, illnesses, divorces, job losses and failing students standing there when the camera was put away. This bit of reality didn’t ease my sadness; it just made me realize how childish it all is.

It’s childish for me to compare my standing with someone’s posting on Facebook. kayak2It’s stupid to wish for another life when I have no idea if that person is truly happy or perhaps cries herself to sleep at night. I know where I stand. I know what I’ve achieved and what it took to get me there. I know there are things I want that I haven’t achieved and sometimes I wish I could have a ‘do-over’ but this is where I am – right here and now.

Every now and then I’ll check Facebook to see who’s doing what … and everything I read I’ll take with a grain of salt. No sadness, no comparison, no wishing I had someone else’s good fortune. I know better now.

Happy September!

I’ve missed blogging and most of all, I’ve missed you.

Are you wondering what got me back here with my fingers on the keyboard? Well, it was a morning walk with a dear friend – around a lovely lake under the bluest sky I’ve seen in a long time here in Northern Colorado. With each topic that we touched on (and when 2 women are walking and talking about life, books, family, friends, spirituality and all that good stuff — the walk is much too short) she would end with – and you should blog about that. And this. And that.

And so.

We all need motivators in our lives wild flowers 2and I think my friend and I play that role for each other.  When she’s lost and down, I can help raise her energy and refocus on something positive and upbeat. When I’m feeling lost and untethered and I’ve not been blogging for a while, she is right there with a wide range of topics. Oh goodie. Now when I run dry of something to write, I know who to contact!

My list of topics I ‘need’ to cover (according to her) include 1) my move to another city, 2) making friends, 3) finding my way, 4) volunteering and 5) lessons learned. I know there are many more but these are top of mind.

Before I blog about those 5 items, I want to write about friendship. It’s a connection between people who share something unique to them. My friend and I met when I was a young mother, wife, student and waitress. She and I really connected when life threw her a curve and she let others in to help her. I was one of those others.

Within a year, she was in my world helping me deal with a family health issue and she hung in there for ten years as a beacon, confident and shoulder to cry on.

I have friends from all walks of life. The best friends are the ones who accept me for my faults and failures and still want to be with me. Those darlings who see the best of me, the worst of me and continue to stay in my life. They allow me to show my sad side, my scared and insecure side as well as my strong and powerful being.

I’m lucky. I’m blessed. I’m glad to be back.








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Technology blues

Adios to my Dell Desktop Computer

My desktop PC has crashed and burned. The “blue screen” of death appeared with a sneer and took away my companion. I had many things backed up and those that were not, flash by in my mind’s eye when I am trying to locate something. “Oh yes,” I say out loud, “it was on my pc in the I AM AMAZING folder.

I am reduced to a slow-moving laptop that is giving me advance notice that it will soon be departing. So, I am backing up my laptop as well.

I have been spoiled to have a desktop and laptop and I used them regularly. I am sort of lost with only having one at my disposal and perhaps, none in the near future. It’s my connection via email, Skype, Oovoo, blogs, Chromecast, Dropbox and on and on.

Does anyone remember when nobody had a computer in their home.?

Do you remember your first computer? Wasn’t it remarkable? The fact that we could dial-up a phone number and connect via the telephone line was amazing. Now that is so outdated and slow.

Our devices have gotten smaller and faster and more mobile. We can connect on the move.

And then I think back to when the telephone in the kitchen was the only device that mattered. When the EXTRA long phone cord was created, I felt liberated! I could drag it to the other side of the room and whisper in privacy!

The first phone recorder machine I remember having was in the mid 1980’s. It was as large as a toaster oven and it gave us freedom to leave and not miss any important calls. And now, our phones and computers can fit in our pockets and can be answered EVERY minute of the day. Our phone is our camera, photo album, email, calculator, radio, jukebox, clock, notebook, game center, pedometer, weather channel, book, newspaper, GPS, classroom, compass, and calendar. In backyard chairessence, our phone has become a lifeline to almost everything we connect to or with.
So, back to the crash of my pc. Bummer. Sad. Boo Hoo.

Ok, so that means I HAVE to out and play. Work in my garden, smell my flowers, rake some leaves, take a walk, admire the scenery, breathe in lilac smells.  So – ok, maybe it’s not all bad, right?

Hope you’re enjoying every minute of this glorious day – Hugs to one and all.


Marge Katherine

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Signpost on mailbox says, Go slow or you'll smash the cat.

A Time & A Place

There’s something special about morning hikes, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the smell in the air. The moisture is heavy and the ground, plants, rocks and surroundings have a chill to it.

Or maybe it’s the soft light that comes through. Not bold and in your face like a mid-day hike – I actually keep my face turned upwards to feel it’s warmth.

Maybe my mind is not as filled and is still open to new ideas, talking with people (real, imagined and dead) and angels, animals, birds and to myself (oview of dirt path and white clouds on morning walk in Coloradof course!)

It’s a different canvas and it just takes a bit of planning to get up and get out as a way to enjoy it.

Last week I was returning from a scenic hike and a woman was coming towards me talking … on her phone.  I heard her say, ” Just be sure to make the beds anMule deer grazing during morning walk in Coloradod I’ll stop at the store for groceries…”

Really? This couldn’t wait? What was worse, (in my humble opinion) was the volume of her conversation. Isn’t hiking something sacred and equal to being in a church? Or a library? Yes. Of course It Is! Talk if you must, but lower your voice and respect Mother Nature.

As this rude woman talked, the mule deer munched their breakfast, inching away from her and further up the hillside. I wonder if she even saw them.

As I am doing the spiritual thing – expressing gratitude and awe of the sky, colors, smells and nature – others are busy in their own world too. I try not to judge but this really is my place of worship and I want others to behave as if it is theirs as well. (No judgement, HA!)

Come with me and we can practice proper hiking etiquette together!

Spring Cleaning

Things are happening again.
inside and out the world is opening up
the ground is getting soft
the brown is disappearing
there is an ebb and flow to the days.


Within there is a cleansing going on.
memories, bits and pieces of this and that
vibrations are revving up as space opens
putting things in piles
saying farewell to doubts and worries
watching them glide away like balloons at a party.

I went walking …

I went for a lovely walk today. It was supposed to be up a hillside to the top of a lovely mountain. The route had to be altered due to the fresh snow on the dirt trail. The trail was snowy in some parts and muddy in others. The hike could have been accomplished however it would have been slow going. No aerobic points, no exertion just careful walking.

Instead I took a walk around a lake. There were many people out enjoying the air, the sun, the wide open sky and the most amazing view.

The lake was frozen and the mountains were spectacular.

Tomorrow Daylight Savings Time kicks in and the clocks move ahead leading to more sunlight.
And spring is right around the corner. Amen!