6 year old offers advice about divorce

Sometimes, if we care to listen, we can learn so much from our children. This precious 6-year old, offers wise words to her mom about a pending divorce in the family. She’s “not trying to be mean, not trying to be a bully.” She’s trying to be …straight.

She says, “My heart is something. Everyone else’s heart is something too. And if we live in a world where everyone’s being mean, everyone’s gonna be a monster in the future!”


Lockdown Drill for First Graders

“Teachers and Students,” said the voice over the loud-speaker, “we are now going to practice the Lockdown drill. Remember, this is just a drill.”

The teacher immediately got up and turned off the classroom lights and locked the door. If there was a closet, the students would have been ushered into it. Instead, they were directed to the corner of the room where an intruder in the hallway would not see them. Twenty eight first graders, a teacher, a teacher’s aid, and a volunteer grandmother — all asked to keep silent and still for 15 minutes or so.

After the drill, they sat and talked about it. The students wanted to know what if they were in the bathroom. Good question …and a short discussion – hurry to any classroom, they didn’t have to go back to theirs. “What if I leave the bathroom and all the other doors are locked?” Then return to the bathroom and stand on the toilet and stay quiet. These 7-year old students had good questions.

How different it was for me when I was young. I remember two drills when I was in school. First, the universal fire drill where we all had to up and leave in an orderly fashion. And, second the ‘air raid’ drill where we had to sit under our desks and prepare for Russians to drop bombs on us. Ok, most students across the country had to sit under their desks but the school I went to had tunnels between the convent, rectory and church. We all trooped to the bowels of the buildings and we crouched there during the drill.

There was this one time when I was a freshman in high school and we had a fire drill.  I was in a car accident earlier that year and my leg was in a cast and I had two miserable crutches to get around. When the fire bell rang, there wasLife is amazing. And then it's awful ... no way I could hustle down the three flights of stairs and join the others. Instead, I stayed there, knowing it was a drill and waited for it to be over. Unbeknownst to me, my sister (two years older than me) was searching high and low for me outside and was upset to hear I was left behind. She broke ranks, disobeyed the nuns and hustled back into the school, up the 3 flights of stairs until she found me.  It was one of the kindest things she could have done for me at the time.

So, sitting quietly on the floor, surrounded by first graders clearly opened my eyes as to how much things have changed in the world. Russian bombs never landed on my school nor was there ever a fire. Sadly, there have been MANY men (yes, middle/upper class, white men) who have entered buildings with weapons only to hurt the people inside.

I’m grateful for the drill but unhappy they have to exist in the first place. It’s just a reminder to surround yourself with people you love and let them know how much they mean to you. Simple request. Do it now.

Day 30 – Magical Books

I was just updating my 52 Books or More page and realized I’m behind in my reading. I have 2 books I’m working on now so I may be able to have all 52 books ready by Dec 31.

There are many books that I began and didn’t finish because – sometimes life is too short to read bad books. And other times, the story didn’t grab me. And other times, it wasn’t my kind of book.

For the books I did read and love, well … all I can say is Thank You to the authors. They took me to places that felt good, that scared me and welcomed me. They touched emotions that were hidden away like old china in a dark closet. Some books made me laugh out loud and taught me things I didn’t know. Some books made me want to learn more about a person, place or thing. deep bookshelf

What I found interesting during the last month is I often had a book at the top of my head when I was out walking. I finished my exercise with a longing to get back to the book and find out what happens next.

So, what now? On my list is a mystery titled 61 Hours by Lee Childs and The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman. Recently read and returned to the library was The Nighingale by Kristin Hannah and Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) – so – I’m in good hands as the days get shorter and darker. I have my books to keep me company.

Sleep well friends and stay in touch!


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Day 29 – Down to the Wire…

I began my 31 Day Writing Challenge when I was visiting family in Carson City, NV. During the month I walked, wrote, had friends visit me, I visited friends and enjoyed the glorious light and colors. Now at the end of the month, the colors are fading, the light is dimming and there’s a melancholy feeling in my bones. I’m not quite ready to say good-bye to October, regardless of what the calendar says. I’m not ready for the time-change tonight. I’m not ready and still, those things will happen whether I am ready or not.

Maxwell Trail, Fort Collins ColoradoToday’s walk was around a lake and through the trees. The sky was clear, blue and wide open. By the end of my walk, I had my jacket off and my t-shirt was the perfect thing for me.

Walking is really what helps to keep my spirits up when the lights go down. Movement, fresh air, scenic views or just different sights help the walk fly by.

Walking for me is like brushing my teeth or making my bed. Schedule it, do it, get it done and my day is complete.

Good night to one and all. I’ll chat with you tomorrow!

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Day 27 – Time to Goof Off

Well, here I am again. Still exercising and still walking and as you may have guessed… still socializing. It seems when I have friends in my plans, I forget to blog. Earlier this month I spaced out blogging when a longtime friend was passing through my city and she spent the night before heading home. sidwalk

Yesterday it was a lazy evening with a dear friend celebrating good news. Easy conversation, laughter, happy hour, wine and then off for a meal. I can honestly say that at no time last night did I think about blogging. and the best thing is – I know you all understand!

The Write 31 Day Challenge is coming to an end on November 1. Somehow – I don’t know how – the month flew by. It seems like I was just lamenting the loss of September and now October is ending.

As for me, I’ll keep moving – walking, biking and exercising. Will I continue to write? Hmmm. I’m not sure.

Good night for now and I’ll see you tomorrow – Margekatherine

Do more of what makes you happy!

Day 26 – Movement, Fun & Games

A sunrise walk this morning before a day of volunteering. First I work with the public at the National Forest Service for 4 hours in the morning. Then I drive ten miles and volunteer in the afternoon at first grade with my grandson. After we get home, I get to ‘beat him up’ as he calls it. I call it playtime.

This is the scenario. He piles up pillows and blankets and then I have to try to swat him with a pillow before he jumps into the pile. Sometime I am quicker than he is with the pillow so that’s where the ‘beat him up’ part comes in. He’s like a puppy. And I’m like the old dog who just puts up with the puppy  – though you can probably guess I am as excited as he it to be doing such a simple thing and laughing the whole time.

Off I go. Have a glorious day and I hope you find some moments of unabashed joy as well!

Day 25 – Boy Donates Hair


For Day 26, I want to reblog a post from Theresa at soulgatherings.wordpress.com

I love what this boy did …

Originally posted on Soul Gatherings:

He endured being called a girl, playing sports with waist-length hair and attracting disapproving looks from adults — all for a child in need he’s never met.

Eight-year-old Christian McPhilamy grew out his blond hair for more than two years so he could donate it to kids who have lost their locks. The mission ended with success last week after an epic haircut.


His mom Deeanna Thomas is still awed by his determination.

“Christian has such a huge heart,” Thomas, who lives in Melbourne, Florida, told TODAY Parents. “I don’t even know if there are words to describe how proud I am of him.”

“It’s definitely inspiring to see kids starting so young with wanting to help and do good deeds,” said Christine Wong, COO of Children With Hair Loss, the charity that received Christian’s hair. Wong estimated only 1 in 50 donations to the organization come from boys.


View original 521 more words

Day 24 – Random walk

Today’s long walk was lovely. Cool morning air, golden sun and not too many others cathy fromm trailon the path. AT one point I got off the path to check out a new coffee shop. I like to visits coffee shops even though I don’t drink coffee. I love to see the different personality in each one. The big chains have a common thread – but the neighborhood shops are fun and loaded with art, color, music and other appointments that shout – Come Visit Me!

So, I plan to visit next week.

I’ll let you know how it is.

Good night for now!

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Day 23 – Make A Difference Day 2015

Today started off really busy. I signed up to volunteer my services on Make A Difference Day. Members of several Fort Collins Rotary clubs gathered together with rakes and gloves and warm clothing to clean up leaves, branches and trash at Catholic Charities. This facility offers food and shelter to homeless men and women in the area.

What happened was little subsets of workers gathered to rake, hold open bags, cut branches, haul trash and as each task was completed, new subsets were created. What I loved most was meeting people in other clubs, spouses, teens and learning more about the members in my club.

Make A Difference Day is celebrating it’s 24th year. It’s the largest national day of community service. In my community it’s Make A Difference Week with volunteer opportunities of all kinds.  Projects included helping landscape a yard, swapping out incandescent lights for LED bulbs, building vertical garden beds for wheel-chair patients, winterizing community gardens, sprucing up the Ecology Center, helping Adult Day Center with window cleaning, landscaping, yard and branch cleanup. Lots and lots of opportunities to work together to help others. It’s a win-win for the agencies, the volunteers and the community.

While we worked the sun came out and we all warmed up. The amount of work was reduced by half due to the amount of workers. Finished by 10:30 am with the whole day ahead of me. What to do? Well, go home and rake leaves of course!

So, that’s all for now. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow!


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